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This tour takes you to the principal streets of Accra, the capital city of Ghana. Visit the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum named after the late Osagyfo Doctor Kwame Nkrumah, the first President of Ghana after the British colonial rule. After that, proceed to the Centre for National Culture and Artists Alliance Gallery where a large variety of African handicrafts are displayed and sold. tour package

You can buy all the artwork of your choice. Have lunch at Osikan Restaurant and continue tour to the National Museum with its collection ranging from prehistoric archeological discoveries to colonial antiquities and exhibits of contemporary African arts.

A drive through National Theatre, the Conference Centre, the Independent Square site and the Osu Castle being the home of the President of Ghana will add value to the tour. Try and visit the Dubois Centre for the Pan African Culture and the University of Ghana at Legon would not be left out. To know more about Accra City and other important land marks, clickbooking to book this tour.

Cape Coast Castle: Located in Cape Coast in the Central Region of Ghana is one of UNESCO's World Heritage sites, the Cape Coast Castle. The Cape Coast township is bounded to the south by the Gulf of Guinea and the beach front created by the ocean coupled with its proximity to Elmina (La Mina- the first point of call by the Europeans) makes it one of the great tourist attractions in Ghana.. tour package

Because of attractive location, Cape Coast Castle has created competition among the Protuguese, Dutch, Danes, Swedes and the English, all of whom wanted its control. The Portuguese built the first trade lodge in 1555 and called the local settlement "Cabo Corso", meaning short cape, later corrupted to Cape Coast. The Swedes, led by Krusensjerna, built a permanent fort in 1653 and called it Carolusburg after King Charles X of Sweden. The Danes, the Dutch and the local Fetu chief of the time each captured and held Carolusburg it was finally captured by the English fleet led by Captain Holmes.

From 1766-73, the British Committee of Merchants which was responsible for the administration of the British forts, undertook a major rehabilitation of the castle and gave it its present-day form. In the early 1750s, an Anglican Minister, Thomas Thompson, established the first primary school at Cape Coast Castle. Thompson arranged for a Cape Castle youth, Philip Quaque to receive ministerial training in systems. For the first time in the Gold Coast history, children were provided with school uniforms. In recent times, Cape Coast Castle has served as a school, a historical museum and a regional headquarters of the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board. To know more about Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle, clickbooking to book this tour.

The Kakum National Park is made up of mostly undisturbed virgin rainforest and is one of the famous national parks in Ghana. Kakum National Park is situated about 33km north of Cape Coast, Central Regional capital and about 170km from Accra. It covers an area of 350km2 (including Assin Attandanso Resource Reserve)The vegetation type is Moist evergreen rainforest with tall hardwood trees up 65m in height.. tour package

Key fauna: The park is enriched with different species of wildlife including 40 species of mammals (forest elephants, buffalo, leopard, bongo, yellow backed duiker, red river hog, primates), over 200 species of birds, large number of reptiles and amphibians, over 400 species of butterflies.

Other Features: 30 and 40m high canopy walkway suspended between trees and from which different species of birds and butterflies can be observed. Also, from the canopy walkway, the structure of the forest canopy can be appreciated. Hidden Connections: - interpretation center, The Afafranto campsite located 200m from Kakum visitors. Sun bird Trail: - developed to incorporate three ecosystems: the rainforest, the secondary foresta pond environment for visitor to watch birds. Kakum Conservation Tree House

To know more about Kakum National Park and other forest reserved, clickbooking to book this tour.

The Ashanti Region is the cultural heartbeat of Ghana. Land of the Golden Stool expressed in the language,passage rites, festivals, cuisine and ordinary day-to-day activities. tour package

Visitors can participate in several traditional events such as funerals, naming ceremonies. Royal Akwasidae held every six weeks at the Royal Palace of the Asante King, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

The scenic and hilly capital city of Kumasi is a vast tropical rainforest belt. Still forest country, dominated by impressive buttress rooted forest giants, alongside large cocoa farms and picturesque hillside settlements. Beautiful weather; chilly in the mornings, bright, clear and sunny in the afternoons for most of the year and cool nights provide ideal conditions for visitors to; experience this exciting colourful world of hearty hardworking people

Ashanti is also home of the most important gold mine in Ghana at Obuasi (50km south-west of Kumasi). Surface visits can be arranged, and the town still has air of the gold rush days of the 1890s. Throughout Ashanti (and especially in Kumasi) you will find welcoming hotels and restaurants, while in the main town’s nightlife and entertainments are first class. Sporting facilities are available in the urban areas, while exciting fishing can be enjoyed in our lakes and rivers. To discover the traditional heartland of Ghana, a visit to Ashanti is a must. To know more about the Ashantis and other interesting culturs, clickbooking to book this tour

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